Review: The Saturdays – ‘What Are You Waiting For?’


The Saturdays are back with the lead single from their upcoming greatest hits album Finest Selection. ‘What Are You Waiting For’ is a dance-pop track released just in time for summer; however in its efforts to be a strong club anthem contender it faces losing any kind of strong melody whatsoever.

The song jumps straight in with a dance beat, and the repetitive verse used throughout is completely monotonous and more like the spoken word thrown on top of a remix. The chorus acts as the only thing which makes you remember it is a track by The Saturdays and not just an unknown dance remix. Unquestionably summery, the song does have an upbeat, happy feel to it, but it may not be able to compete with others dominating the charts like Sigma or Calvin Harris – who definitely have the upper-hand lyrically… although its continuous repetition of “what are you waiting for?” at least ensures that you won’t forget the name of the song.

The video continues on with the summer holiday vibes, filmed in Greece, basically featuring the group in bikinis or dancing on the beach or a boat. It does, however, embarrass itself slightly with its ridiculously unsubtle product placement. It is made evidently clear that the video is being funded by First Choice and Hawaiian Tropic.

Overall the song isn’t completely dreadful due to its continuous dance beat, but lyrically it falls down in every way, and its repetitiveness just becomes irritating. As a song from a greatest hits album, I expected a lot more.


‘What Are You Waiting For?’ is available from August 10th through Fascination and Polydor Records.


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