On Edge: Anticipating Jessica Jones Season 2


Season 1 of Jessica Jones instantly became one of the most critically-acclaimed TV shows of recent years when it appeared on Netflix back in 2015. Krysten Ritter’s alcoholic super-sleuth was the anti-hero none of us knew we needed, whilst David Tennant’s turn as the manipulative, mind-controlling Kilgrave tore our memories of the 10th Doctor to shreds. Three years on and she’s finally back, after taking a turn in 2017 for a quick detour with The Defenders, and delving even deeper into the city’s rogue underworld and her inner demons.

The show’s sophomore run will see Jessica take on a new case in the aftermath of Kilgrave’s death and the vicious climax of the Season 1 finale. Marvel’s trailer shows that Jessica’s damage goes beyond Kilgrave and hints at the unearthing of the origin of her super-strength and the car-crash that killed her entire family when she was a child. Still, Kilgrave’s shadow still lurks over her and Tennant has been confirmed to make a return – though through what means is still uncertain.

Given Season 1’s sharp handling of Jessica’s post-traumatic stress disorder, however, it’s likely the purple crusted villain will return in flashback, Moriarty-style. Very few TV shows offer anything resembling the sympathetic yet serpentine intricacies of PTSD that Jessica Jones did, let alone extend a realistic and in-depth examination of the way it manifests amongst a backdrop of seemingly preposterous circumstances and their naysayers. In fact, Kilgrave might just be one of the best TV villains of all time, if just for how realistically outrageous he was. Mind-control? Fitting for a superhero show, absolutely, but in real life? Sure as hell, dammit. Never has any written character been so much and so largely a metaphor that it splinters reality and seeps into the cracks.

Also making a return is Rachael Taylor’s Trish Walker, a revamp of the comics’ Patsy Walker and Jessica’s adoptive sister. Season 1 saw her undergo self-defence training and even temporarily gain superpowers when she took Will Simpson’s IGH pills, whilst the finale saw her take Kilgrave head on alongside Jessica. The comics evolve her into the vigilante Hellcat, and it looks like the show’s second season will follow suit. “Jessica may not want a sidekick,” Trish says in the trailer, “but she needs one.” More strong women! More strong superheroines! More sisterly strength and female support! Very proud!

If Season 1 is anything to go by (and if we ignore the surplus of Marvel’s other, slightly less successful TV ventures), Jessica Jones’ follow up might just be Netflix’s biggest event of the year: a steady stream of leather-clad super-powered action that’ll last a week or so for the strong-willed, and a good day and a half for the superfans. I say give me a day and bring it the hell on. Jessica Jones is bloody well back.

Season 2 of Jessica Jones will be released on Netflix on March 8th, 2018.


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