Pulse at The Cube: What to expect


Tonight sees the launch of the Students’ Union’s brand new club night, Pulse. The event which will take place every Friday night in SUSU’s club, the Cube, is an attempt to reinvigorate the club and shake away the negative image it has been branded with in recent years.

Talking to Union President David Gilani earlier this evening, he explained that there have been some huge changes in preparation for the night. Pulse will see the capacity of the venue halved to avoid problems of queuing, while the entrance has also moved, with students entering through the back doors on level two, instead of the main SUSU entrance.

The interior of the venue has also been modified, with the whole night happening on level two of the Union, and not encompassing a VIP bar, unlike previous years. The colour theme of the night focuses on that of the Pulse logo, with purple and blue LED tables, and an LED ceiling set to arrive soon for Bar 2. Apart from this, there will be CO2 cannons, lasers, inflatable hanging stars and a gigantic DJ booth, presenting a slightly more modern club environment to Jesters or Sobar. While it is yet to be implemented, SUSU also plans to change the outside area, by playing ambient music, and introducing an environmentally-friendly heating system.

An extended bar in the Cube hopes to prevent queues

An extended bar in the Cube hopes to prevent queues

Pulse will also see the launch of a brand new cocktail; the Pulse Punch; a whopping 3 litre fishbowl cocktail costing £7.50, which David Gilani states is certainly not a challenge, and is definitely meant for sharing. Pearls Bubble Tea lovers will also be excited to hear that the night will be serving a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic bubble teas, while other drinks remain cheap, with house doubles and mixers costing £2 and bottles of Fosters for £1. An extended bar in the Cube also hopes to ensure that no-one will be left queuing for long.

The changes to the night follow a survey which was launched at the beginning of the year, asking students what they wanted from the Cube. Following over 760 responses and several discussions, decisions were made to make a stable and reliable club night to suit a range of students and tastes. Last year saw celebrities such as Jameela Jamil and Spencer Matthews from Made in Chelsea visit the Cube, but Pulse will see a heavier focus on the music, atmosphere, and making sure students have a good time.

While Pulse is free tonight, entry will be £3 for future events. The big question now is whether students will forgive the shortcomings of previous Friday nights in the Cube, and give Pulse a go. What do you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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