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It was ten years ago today that the social phenomenon Mean Girls was released in the US. Not necessarily renowned for its cinematic greatness, Mean Girls is still seen as a film that highly impacted society, with great success around the globe. Most importantly, Mean Girls’ quotations have been embedded in almost everyone’s everyday language. Whether that be “your mum’s chest hair” or “stop trying to make fetch happen”. The film’s iconic quotes are timeless, and thus it seems only right to count down the top ten best Mean Girls moments in tribute of its ten-year anniversary. 

10. “I’m a mouse, duh.”

It’s not often that we have the opportunity to say “I’m a mouse, duh”, but there is a lot of opportunity to add “duh” after your statement, and we all know you’re making a sneaky reference to Karen a.k.a. Amanda Seyfried.

9. “Boo, you whore.”

Now, the opportunity to use this quotation comes up in large quantities. Whether it be because your friend doesn’t want to paint the town red with you that night. Boo, you whore. Or whether it be because your friend doesn’t want to watch Pulp Fiction and eat your bodyweight in Häagen-Dazs Cookies & Cream ice-cream. Boo, you whore.

(Please note: this sexually derogatory language is not acceptable in any circumstance unless you are clearly referring to the infamous Regina George’s quote.)

8. “Your mom’s chest hair.”

What are you eating tonight? What is that made of? What are you wearing tonight?

Answer(s): your mom’s chest hair. 

7. “My breasts can always tell when it’s gonna rain.”

The majority of us say this whenever we can feel rain starting to announce its presence.

6. “I’m from Michigan.”

It’s safe to say that Tina Fey reigns the throne in this film.

5. “On Wednesdays, we wear pink.”

And remember, you can’t wear sweatpants on a Monday because otherwise Gretchen will frantically scream at you.

4. “I’m a cool mom”/Regina’s mom’s best moments.

If it’s not Amy Poehler’s hilarious insistence of her coolness that grants these golden moments, it’s probably the squish of the plastic-boob hug.

3. “Stop trying to make fetch happen.”

I’d like to argue that since all of us heard Regina George say that fetch is never going to happen, we have all been subconsciously trying to make fetch happen. It still hasn’t happened.

2. ‘I can’t help it if I have a heavy-flow and a wide-set vagina.”

Just missing out on the top-spot, this quote can be used in any context (formal or informal) and everyone would know exactly what you meant. It’s almost a synonym for being misunderstood.

1. “She doesn’t even go here.”

The amount of iconic quotes that this scene is littered with shows its worthiness of being top-spot.


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