The Welcome Party (22/09/13)


Sunday’s Welcome Party started off with mass confusion as drunken Freshers were guided with shouts of ‘this way’ until they were able to navigate the stairs and move away from the Union building entrance. I’d been to The Cube’s night Pulse already once, so I knew the route to get to there, but even some Freshers’ Reps seemed to have no idea where they were meant to go!

On my way down to the Garden Court entrance, I bumped into Edward, a fresher who is adamant that he not only wants to be a BNOC (Big Name On Campus) but also write for us, The Edge! When asked what halls he was in and how his night was going, he had this to say:



“I’m at Archers Road. I’m finding it pretty good, last night was a little heavy, but it’s all been really organised and shit” – Edward

I left him in the massive queue which seemed to go on forever whilst I went to interview more freshers inside. Everyone I asked for an interview seemed really happy and willing to talk to me, which was great; hopefully it wasn’t the £2 doubles talking. I wanted to know just a few key things; name, halls, had they enjoyed tonight so far, how were they settling in, and how are they finding it tonight? Here’s what a few freshers had to say:



“I’m finding tonight alright, it’s my first night out, I’ve only just got here so I haven’t enjoyed it yet.” – Elizabeth

“So brilliant, I love it. I moved in about five hours ago! And I’ve loved it since I moved in, I just feel at home.” – Fhionna



Although all of the people I interviewed over the night were cool, genuinely nice people, I know that my review of the Welcome Party should focus on one interview which I had with a Monte fresher who shall remain nameless.

 “I’ve been here for around 24 hours, I went to the last Welcome Party which was okay, this one is probably worse than yesterday, I mean, many people think the same as well. I think it’s maybe the people, like no one’s feeling the vibe really.”

Me: do you like The Cube?

“Well I’ve been told not to come back again. My cousin goes here and he’s in his second year, and a group of them were like, yeah, you probably won’t end up coming here again.”

I pushed for more information as to this source, but no names were given. After talking ‘off the record’ to other freshers it seems as though both Freshers’ Reps and some older students have been telling people to not come back to The Cube.

Over the course of the night, a lot of people left the party. Some say to attend Jesters, some say to go home, but all I know is that on my own walk back through Portswood I saw a lot of Monte freshers coming from Bevois Valley!

I can’t speak for everyone I talked to, but I can for some, who said that they had a really good night. So many people who I talked to seemed to agree that the Welcome Party was good, and a really nice first night out in Southampton. As a second year, I can’t imagine being a fresher again, but I do wish our party last year had been like that!


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