Review: Wolf Alice at Pie & Vinyl, Southsea


There were pies named after Wolf Alice songs; what more could you ask for?

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Wolf Alice may have found a name for themselves in all things “beautifully unconventional”, but a tiny gig in a Southsea pie and vinyl shop two days after the release of a critically acclaimed album is a whole other level of eccentricity. 60 lucky purchasers of Visions Of A Life on vinyl were rewarded with a small acoustic set in the shop window, all the while enjoying some rather delicious pies.

While it’s an undoubtedly rare opportunity to experience a band that’s sold out the Southampton Guildhall in such an intimate setting, the cramped nature of the Pie and Vinyl meant that almost nobody could actually see Wolf Alice as they played; but Ellie’s soaring vocals more than performed for them. Sticking to stripped down acoustic versions of new singles and old favourites, the band were awestriking, casting a spell on the audience for the entirety or their (criminally short) twenty-five minute set. Their rendition of ‘Space and Time’ particularly turned heads, turning a loud and thundering album track into a heart-on-sleeve love ballad, while ‘Sadboy’ and ‘Don’t Delete the Kisses’ similarly mesmerised the audience.

In the intimate venue the charming London four-piece felt like part of the furniture, from Theo answering an audience member’s phone (“Can’t talk now, love you”) to Ellie’s admittance that “if we all seem docile, it’s because we just ate huge pies”. Restricting the set to acoustic numbers might have deprived hardcore lovers of a few fan favourites, it’ll be far more rewarding to see the likes of ‘Yuk Foo’ as sound blaring spectacles on the big stage. The fun continued with the sampling of special Wolf Alice-themed pies, ranging from ‘Pork-midable Cool’ (sausage-in-blankets in a pie) to ‘Visions Of A Pie’ (the vegetarian option), and my personal punny favourite, ‘Thai Love Is Cool’. Having a gig in a pie shop doesn’t sound so mad now, does it?

Afterwards, we sprung The Edge’s Freshers’ Issue upon them for a signing. Amidst your Editor’s thankful ramblings, Joff flicked through and found our three star review. “Only three stars?” he laughed, proceeding to scribble on the extra two with his felt tip. Ellie noticed that even “Taylor gets four. We won’t dare to argue with them this time – this unorthodox gig in a Southsea pie shop earns the full five stars.

Wolf Alice play the Southampton Guildhall on Tuesday 21st November.


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