Review: Freshers’ Ball 2016


Not being a fresher any longer, I took this event as an opportunity to dress up and check out some famous acts, totally win-win situation. This year they managed to get a very cool lineup: Sigma, Majestic and Becky Hill, so I was excited. I took a friend with me (also a non-fresher) who was up for borrowing a suit and coming along and so we went to the Union which had doubled as a fun fair, concert venue and as a silent disco. With fresher’s week coming to a close, the atmosphere was very lively, with freshers probably all excited to wow their friends with the change of look from the usual hoodie and jeans to fancy suits and gowns. The event was advertised as ‘the most glamorous night of freshers’ and between drunken nights at Jesters and getting sick during hall’s parties, let’s be honest, it probably was.

The silent disco was fun to check out, the whole experience was very fun but I don’t think I could spend much of my night there as the music could be a little cheesy at times. The fun fair has to be one of the highlights for me because who doesn’t love going back to our childhood days when all was so simple and we didn’t cry from stress and paralysing fear of not knowing what to do with the future? I kid (not really). One of the rides was even a little bit extreme with the carriage rocking quite high from side to side but that’s what made it so much fun. As well as the rides, there was also a photo booth and many other activities to keep everyone entertained.

I had already seen Majestic live some days before at Soundclash and had really enjoyed their performance, and I was really excited to check out Sigma and Becky Hill. I think they both lived up to my expectations, obviously they are acts featured in the charts quite a lot which won’t have catered for everyone who attended the event but I think it’s understandable that they picked very well known acts to come along for Fresher’s Ball. I think all the acts managed to pump everyone up and get the crowd going. Even if you were amongst the people who weren’t very fond of chart music, the event was still a great opportunity to have a fun night out with friends and to look extremely fancy so everyone who I spoke to after the event seemed to have had a really good time.


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