Review: Marmozets at the Old Fire Station, Bournemouth


Marmozets first ever show in Bournemouth created uncontainable waves. Their energy and passion was truly remarkable. The band showcased two unreleased songs from their upcoming album and it was utterly wild.

It was their first ever time visiting the seaside city of Bournemouth, and Marmozets managed to create huge waves inside of the Old Fire Station.

The night began with a set from the flamboyant ‘Queen Zee & The Sasstones’, who brought a quirky vibe to the venue. Their eclectic crossbreed of genres created a ‘pop-band playing hardcore music’ feel, which was complimented by the atmosphere created by the dedicated Marmozets fans. The Sasstones exited the stage after giving one last song, dedicated to the tragedy of the Orlando nightclub shootings, and received a well-deserved ovation at the end of their set.

Not too much later, Becca Macintyre and the rest of the Marmozets ran to the stage to embrace the sheer excitement crafted by the fans. Without a moments hesitation, the very familiar “One, Two, Three, Play!” was melodiously screeched by Becca, and ‘Play’ was soon in full swing. The first song of the night ramped up the heat inside the Old Fire Station, and the opening riff in ‘Move, Shake, Hide’ created a ruckus in the centre of the crowd, as a 20+ man moshpit erupted, and the band grinned at the sight. The craziness continued in much the same fashion until the band began to slow down for the start of their most successful hit to date, ‘Captivate You’. The band came together in the centre of the stage in the build-up to the first chorus, and then split off to continue jumping around.

Of the 13 songs on the setlist, two were unheard of tracks from the band’s new album – ‘Suffocation’ and ‘Major System Error’. Both went down a treat with the fans and, in true Marmozets fashion, created an energetic atmosphere in the room. The band didn’t waste much time with small talk between songs; the occasional word from Becca or Sam (Macintyre, Becca’s brother and one of the band’s guitarists) gave brief introductions to the preceding song. They mainly focused, instead, on riding the wave from song-to-song. It was joyous to see the band (made up of the siblings of two families, the Macintyres and the Bottomleys) come together at the end of almost every song to circle Josh Macintyre’s drum kit.

Josh showed a lot of sass whilst playing, seeming to exaggerate every move, and appeared very relaxed playing to the hundreds that attended. He played with flare and passion, often standing atop his bass drum to stare at the herd of fans in front of him.

The rhythm guitarist, Sam, contributed immensely to the interaction with the fans, engaging frequently over the mic to ask the crowd questions and respond to chants. He could be seen passionately jumping whilst playing, or very skilfully adjusting his stompboxes mid song before launching back up to join the commotion.

There was no fancy backdrop for the band; instead, all focus was on its members, their energy very visible in the way they bounced around the stage. The emphasis was on giving the fans the best possible musical performance, and they did just that.

As the end of the show came, the band cheered to the fans before promptly leaving only Sam and his guitar on stage. He played a short song to the fans, thanking them for watching, before the crowd began to chant for an old Marmozets favourite ‘Vibetech’. These chants easily lasted for over 5 minutes, while Sam played a small acoustic medley of songs, before he ran off to chase down the rest of the band. Soon they had all reappeared, running on-stage with huge smiles on their faces, laughing before they got underway with ‘Vibetech’. The song eventually came to an end and the band exited the stage for the last time to cheers from the fans. Marmozets gave it their all in the Old Fire Station.

You can catch them on tour in early 2018 along with a new album ‘Knowing What You Know Now’, released on 26th January.

Watch Marmozets’ most recent music video below:


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