AIM joins campaign to restock Oxfam Music store


University of Southampton’s Alternative and Indie Music Society (AIM) have joined in with a campaign to help restock Southampton’s Oxfam Music store which was burgled last month.

Thieves broke into the shop on East Street in August, taking two computers, cash from a collection tin and some of the most valuable records which had been donated by the general public. It’s not the first time that the shop has been broken into either, after a 2011 burglary in which £15,000 worth of donations were stolen.

Now AIM are joining the campaign to replenish the shelves with much needed stock donations. The society which frequently organises gigs will place a collection box in SUSU where students can leave their unwanted CDs, vinyl, DVDs, and other music memorabilia.

President of AIM, Phoebe Cross, said “It’s such a shame that Oxfam Record Shop has on multiple times been broken in to and burgled. A collection box is a great way of helping out.

“The shop is one of the few places you can go to buy vinyl in Southampton, and it’s kept running by generous donations and volunteers.”

As thousands of Southampton students arrive in the city in the next fortnight, the society is encouraging everyone to have a look through their music collections and bring any unwanted items to the donation box. “AIM are trying to encourage people to have a look at home before coming to Uni and bring in a couple of items they no longer use, all for a great charity” Phoebe added.

The location of the collection box and further information will be posted on the Facebook event in the coming days. The box will also be at the first Frequency event which will take place in SUSU on 14th October 2013.


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