The Curve #7


After a few weeks off, The Curve is back and getting festive! Now you’re all at home gorging on free food, we’ve got the perfect entertainment to go with it, only the past fortnights craziest stories! This week we have Paul McCartney’s interesting album advertisement, Macaulay Culkin singing about pizza and more.

1) Macca’s New Adverts

Paul McCartney has chosen an odd way to advertise his new album in Japan; by sponsoring his favourite sumo-wrestling team. Posters for New were plastered across Kyushu Grand Sumo Tournament, as McCartney fell in love with the sport when he first toured Japan in 1993. As well as posters, the New cover art was carried around the stadium between rounds on bamboo billboards.


2) A lovely cheese pizza, just for me.

The festive season is in full swing, and as many of us snuggle up and watch the greatest film ever made, Home Alone, you might wonder what happened to loveable little Macaulay Culkin. Well, the child actor now considers himself a bit of a rock star, and has created a Velvet Underground tribute act… based around pizzas. Known as The Pizza Underground, some of their tracks include ‘Papa John Says’ and ‘Take A Bite of the Wild Slice’. What happened to you, Kevin?


3) The Only Way is Up-loaded

This week Labour leader Ed Miliband cropped up on Joey Essex’s twitter when the two took a selfie at the Sun Military Awards. The TOWIE star captioned the snap of the cute couple ‘With my mate @Ed_Miliband’, which comes just a few days after David Cameron and Barack Obama were criticised for sharing a selfie (or a groupsie) at Nelson Mandela’s memorial service. Maybe this head shot of the two was more of an in-your-face shot? Either way, the pairing of these two unconventional BFF’s makes us think what’s next? Vines from the Vatican? Hashtags at the House of Commons? Instagram at the UN? Or even a reality show at Westminster? We can only hope.


4) Christmas Twerkey

Miley’s done it again. This time there are no teddy bears or a beetlejuice-esque Robin Thicke in sight, but this time Milerz has decided to grind with the man of the moment, Mr Clause. Whilst she performed at the Jingle Bell Ball last Friday the ‘Wreckin Ball’ songstress decided to twerk with Santa and a human christmas tree. Classic Miley, even Christmas ‘Can’t Stop’ her risqué antics.


5) The one who got Crochet

The life of A-lister Katy Perry must be an exciting one; endless extravagent parties, hundreds of high-cost hobbies and loads of lavish luxuries, so what’s this superstar’s favourite past-time? Well, K-Pez has admitted she likes nothing more than a little bit of crochet. Whilst the ‘Roar’ singer appeared on Alan Carr’s Chatty Man she revealed “I do a bit of crocheting now; I know, I’m the biggest nana on the block.” The star also confessed she uses the hobby to relax her before goes to bed saying “So I thought maybe it’d be better for my subconscious and my dreaming just to like, do a bit of crocheting before I go to bed.” I bet Russell Brand is disappointed he won’t be getting a crocheted jumper this Christmas.



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