Muse culminate Glastonbury 2016 with a bombastic set


Muse took to the Pyramid Stage last night at this year’s Glastonbury festival, in what turned out to be a roaring return, and an explosive end to the festival’s first leg.

Drawing from their extensive back catalogue, the Devon-born three piece rock band opened with ‘Psycho’, taken from their latest album Drones, before diving into a multitude of their classics, such as ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ and ‘Map of the Problematique’.

The group packed light on levels of crowd banter, only occasionally throwing out a roaring ‘Glastonbury!’ to the crowd, but were tight on their usual stunts with frontman Matt Bellamy throwing his guitar over, and across the stage and on the ground to the roaring delight of his fans.

Holding back on the extensive stage set-up which has come to define their ongoing Drones tour, Muse drew more on their set-list which expertly mixed new material with their well-known, well-loved hits of the past twenty-two years. However, some fans did criticize the band for using some of their lesser known tracks early in the set-list.

The set-list comprised of:

  1. ‘Psycho’
  2. ‘Reapers’
  3. ‘Plug In Baby’
  4. ‘Dead Inside’
  5. ‘Map of the Problematique’
  6. ‘The 2nd Law: Isolated System’
  7. ‘The Handler’
  8. ‘Supermassive Black Hole’
  9. ‘Starlight’
  10. ‘Munich Jam’
  11. ‘Madness’
  12. ‘(JFK)’
  13. ‘Interlude’
  14. ‘Hysteria’
  15. ‘Time Is Running Out’
  16. ‘Stockholm Syndrome’
  17. ‘The Globalist’
  18. ‘Drones’

Encore – 19. ‘Uprising’
20. ‘Mercy’
21. ‘Knights of Cydonia’

Muse are currently on the last leg of their Drones world tour. Glastonbury Festival 2016 continues today, with Adele headlining the Pyramid Stage for the first time. See highlights of the 2010 Muse Glastonbury show below:


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