Ghostbusters producer plans endless franchise


In a move that will likely be met with a polar response, producer Amy Pascal has hinted she is already considering a sequel to Ghostbusters.

The comedy sci-fi reboot, starring Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig has so far met with very mixed reviews from fans and media alike, but producer Pascal remained bullish at the premiere saying: “I have waited for this moment for a year. It’s going to be endless. People are going to love this movie so much that they’re going to demand more and more.”

Director Paul Feig also seemed nonplussed around the intense fan backlash which has swept the internet during development, with the Ghostbusters trailer becoming the most disliked Youtube video of all time. Feig, however, simply stated: “We were under the gun before we even started writing the script. We didn’t want to take any revenge on anybody, we just wanted to go, ‘Look, we realise some people have problems with it, let’s just have a little fun. We’re in comedy. We like to make fun of everything.”

The film so far has received mixed reviews, and the Edge will be giving our verdict on it shortly. Meanwhile, see Ghostbusters in cinemas now, and watch the less-than-well-received trailer below:


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