Dazed 100 Academy Offers Songwriting Workshop with BEABADOOBEE


Dazed 100 Academy, an initiative set up by Dazed 100 magazine, is offering a creative songwriting workshop with musician BEABADOOBEE (and other special guests) on Tuesday 11th August and is an opportunity you can register for a chance to attend.

Opening entries now (we’ll include a link at the bottom of the article), Dazed 100 have teamed up with BEABADOOBEE to create a workshop that will give winners “the chance to learn how to write and finish a song from scratch, where to find inspiration, create customer guitar tunings and how to deal with writer’s block”. The workshop, which has also been dubbed ‘BEA’S CHURCH OF ROCK N ROLL CREATIVE SONGWRITING CLASS’ will have two different sessions (4 pm and 6 pm) on the same day and gives you the chance to choose a time that’s best for you when signing up to the workshop. While there is no guarantee every entry will be given access to the workshop, with no requirements for entry and a looming deadline of Tuesday 4th August, there’s nothing to lose by filling in the short form and sending it off.

You can find out more details and enter for a chance to win by clicking here or watch the video for her latest single ‘Care’ below: 



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