Nightclubs Are Opening Ahead of Freshers


Freshers week is approaching and a soon to be second wave of coronavirus. Nightclubs across Southampton and the UK are preparing to host a variety of events in a sweat germ packed box with Switch Nightclub hosting its first event since March on 12th September. Café Parfait and many other nightclubs are following suit with loads of Freshers buying tickets to Fresher events. Yet, two questions remain pertinent: Is this safe? And is the country ready for nightclubs to open?

On 16th August, Sky News reported that more than 1000 new cases of Coronavirus have been recorded in the UK for the fifth day in a row with a total of 317,379 cases of the virus confirmed in the UK. A few weeks ago, Switch nightclub in Preston opened during a rise in cases in the North of England, this resulted in the government proceeding with localised lockdowns banning people from holding indoor meetings involving people from different households.

As of 15th August, indoor theatre, music and performance venues are allowed to open with the Government proclaiming the coronavirus situation is not safe enough in the UK for nightclubs to reopen. But this has not stopped many nightclubs exploiting loopholes and declaring themselves as music venues or bars so that they can reopen. The government’s recent update states “Nightclubs, dance halls, and discotheques, as well as sexual entertainment venues and hostess bars, remain closed in law.”

But it seems these laws are not being followed.

If you are planning on going to a nightclub please look up the most recent government guidelines found here. We are still in the middle of a pandemic though rules are relaxing but we need to stay safe for ourselves and everyone around us.


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