PSY – ‘Gangnam Style’


Internet sensation and loveable, yet incomprehensible Korean hit ‘Gangnam Style’ has racked up over 250 million views on YouTube and topped charts across the world. Undoubtedly thanks to it’s video of inexplicable side shuffles and horse-whipping moves, PSY’s song has been shared by celebs, inspiring flash mobs, and confusing viewers since it was uploaded in July.

2012’s customary foreign dance number, it features a chubby Korean man in sunglasses dancing like he’s having uncontrollable spasms, often with a weird grimace on his face, in a variety of locations. He’s unstoppable – in horse stables, saunas, merry-go-rounds, party buses, between Asian girls doing yoga, in lifts, the subway, on the toilet – and just when you think the video styling can’t get any better, his friend in yellow trainers and suit appears, highly reminiscent of Mr Chow from The Hangover.

Described as the Most ‘Liked’ Video in YouTube History by the Guinness World Records, ‘Gangnam Style’ is actually all about PSY poetically describing his ideal Korean gal; “A girl who is warm and humane during the day / A girl who looks quiet but plays when she plays.” It’s a shame we are only able to sing along to “Eh sexy lady,” because us English folk are totally missing out on his seductive lyrics… “I am a man whose thought is more rough and bumpy than muscles.” Oh, stop!

He says Gangnam style refers to Korean’s version of Beverley Hills, because he likes to: “compare ladies to the territories.” So G.


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