Peace – ‘Wraith’


Since releasing their Delicious EP, the hype around Peace has reached fever pitch. People are now waiting on baited breath to see whether their album (due for release early next year) will live up to those expectations… And ‘Wraith’ tends to suggest it will.

The track has many different layers to it – and with each successive listen you’ll find something new to latch on to. Without a doubt, first time you’ll catch on to the sharp and perfectly executed guitar riff that underpins the entire track. It somehow manages to capture the magic of being indie-rock enough that it will cause carnage at live shows but, at the same time, wouldn’t be out of place on a summer holiday playlist.

Successive times you’ll start to notice the bongos that are lurking beneath, that come across both foreboding, like you’re being hunted, as well as creating a more tropical feel. Then there’s the fact that halfway through the track it is stripped back to simply keyboards and drums with Harrison Koisser’s ‘ooh’s giving it this dream-like, hazy feel.

Perhaps the best part of the track is the chorus. Lyrically it’s something that will stir hands up in the air and it’s guaranteed people will be singing along to ‘You could be my ice age sugar/lay me down and make me shiver’. The lyrics themselves completely contrast with the sunshine, warm feeling of music – especially the guitars that seem to come in to their own.

‘Wraith’ is a track that is exactly what you want to make it because it’s got so many elements it’s up to you to choose which to focus on. It’s a track that will never get old or repetitive and, best of all, it shows Peace at their greatest. I’d say it’s definitely time to get excited about their debut.

Wraith will be released 13/01/2013



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