Review: Foxes – ‘Glorious’


Brought to our attention by featuring on ‘Clarity’ back in 2012, Foxes released her debut album Glorious in May this year peaking at number five in the charts. Sharing the same name, new single ‘Glorious’ is her fourth single from the album and takes a more serious tone in comparison to some of her previous tracks.

Starting with a simple drum beat and piano, the track builds in pace up to an epic finale, where singer (Louisa Rose Allen) is accompanied by a choir-like echo backing vocals and a heavier drum beat. The track exemplifies her ability to add a haunting effect to any song with her deep, rich vocals. The song proves more slow and emotive than her others, but shows Foxes’ ability to add variation and a different dynamic to her sound. It also displays her vocal range and unique tone.

The main chorus –  “don’t give it up, don’t give it up, it’s glorious” –  is equally as uncomplicated but effective, the song’s real impact coming from its gradual build in tempo towards its more ballad-like finale.

The video is also far more simplistic than those for her last singles (nothing even close to a food fight in this video); instead it opens with the words “Welcome to Glorious”. Although the link between the video and song is not the clearest to understand it does end with a man getting his face planted into his food, and a pair of hot dog legs. In the same way the song builds, the video mirrors the transformation from still and lifeless to action and laughter.


‘Glorious’ is available from Foxes album Glorious now. 


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