The Edge’s Top 10 Albums of 2014: #1


Jungle – Jungle

Released February 24th 2014, Republic Records.

After weeks of voting and counting down we’ve reached the number one in annual ‘Top 10 Albums of the Year’. The self-titled debut record from the modern soul collective Jungle only reached number 7 in the UK album charts, but in September the record was one of the nominees for the Mercury Prize. Receiving positive reviews across the board, it’s no surprise that Jungle was The Edge’s top album of 2014.


  • 24% of contributors included the album in their top 10.
  • Of that 57% of the contributors included it in their top 3.
  • This album was ranked #1 by 1 contributor.

“I have always had a slight resentment towards self-titled debut albums, to me it just seems a bit lazy and causes unnecessary confusion. Nevertheless, that should take nothing away from the best debut album to come out this year. Jungle’s unique blend of funk, psychedelia and new wave music makes the album stand out among its contemporaries an its a blend that works particularly well. The album is superb with every track being equally incredible. With a well-deserved nomination for the Mercury music prize it is my hope that Jungle will prosper and be able to produce equally stellar works in the future.”
– Anonymous, ranked the album #2

“Jungle’s debut album is fantastic. It was the soundtrack to barbeques everywhere this summer. The record is so easy going, and über-cool that you can chuck it on, anytime, anywhere and you can guarantee it will go down a storm with people tapping their feet and nodding their heads to the smooth rhythms. It’s a must-hear for 2014 and definitely worthy of being in the top 10 albums of the year.”
– Megan Downing, Editor in Chief, ranked the album #2

“Jungle’s self-titled debut is a contemporary pop/soul/funk gem of an album that combines old-school vibes with a modern, urban sensibility. The songwriting is clearly geared towards an emphasis on infectious melodies and grooves, and by creating an equal balance between the nasal falsetto and lower octave the illusion of a group chant is created, and it demands the listener to sing or hum along in their best soulful twang. This is the perfect kitchen album and turns cooking and cleaning into a more choreographed affair.”
– Angelo Bridger, Writer, ranked the album #3

Other accolades:

  • Ranked #50 in Q’s ‘top 50 Albums Of 2014’ list.
  • Included in XFM’s ’50 Best Albums Of 2014’.
  • Mercury Prize nominated



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