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Everyone has that one song at pres that is THEIR song. Y’know, that one that you just cannot help leaping to your feet and dancing along to, with an accompanying stunning karaoke cover, of course. Keeping reading to learn about The Edge’s top pres tracks.

Lizzo – ‘Good As Hell’

Starting with lyrics like “I do my hair toss, check my nails” and including other great lines like “You know you’re a star, you can touch the sky”; Lizzo‘s unlikely song about staying strong after a breakup becomes a powerhouse anthem during any pres playlist. A song celebrating female strength at its core and feminity in general, the track’s attitude to loving yourself and recognising your self-worth sets the tone perfectly before going on a night out. With a great backing beat and instantly recognisable lyrics, watch as the whole room suddenly forms a band as you all start blasting out that you’re feeling “Good as Hell” and ready for another great night out.

Sam Pegg

‘Good As Hell’ is available to listen to now via WEA International Inc. 

Britney Spears – ‘Work Bitch’

As Britney Spears once said, “here comes the smasher”. ‘Work Bitch’ is not just a hard-hitting song; it’s a smasher. It’ll ignite an alien energy in you, giving you the power to conquer the world of the club. The song is inspiring, Britney DEMANDS that you work, and you can never disagree with Britney. If you’ve had a couple of drinks and you’re feeling tired all it takes is for the beat to come in for you to wake up and be hit with a wave of adrenaline. The track is mainly spoken word and sees Britney put the ‘Brit’ in ‘British’. In an interview with Alan Carr she said the term “Work Bitch” is a reference to her LGBTQ+ fans, as it echoes drag queen RuPaul’s 1992 hit ‘Supermodel (You Better Work)’. It’s a head banger, your body will not stop moving – it’s a song that even non-Britney stans cannot help but get down to. ‘Work Bitch’ brings the club to you, it’s the perfect final song for any pre’s. It’s jampacked with energy and cannot be topped!

Morgan McMillan

‘Work Bitch’ is available to listen to now via RCA Records.

Wham! – ‘Club Tropicana’

If you’re not listening to Wham! before a night out, what are you doing?!

Wham! are one of the best bands out there if you’re looking for something uplifting or something to play really, really loud. And there is no better song for a pres playlist than ‘Club Tropicana’, from their debut studio album Fantastic.

As soon as the groovy guitars enter, it’s instantly uplifting. Then George Michael‘s vocals begin and it’s simply impossible to not scream along. Michael’s voice is obviously so gorgeous, but when combined with some energising, feel-good guitar riffs, it’s the most perfect sound you could ever hear.

What’s so great about ‘Club Tropicana’ is its sudden continuation when it seems like the song might end. As someone who has listened to this song on repeat this year, I know exactly when each line enters, but this still catches me out at around 3:25.

In a year where big club nights probably won’t go ahead, ‘Club Tropicana’ is the ideal substitute. What better song to get hyped to is there than one that sings of summer with the grooviest tunes throughout?

Georgie Holmes

‘Club Tropicana’ is available to listen to now via Innervision Records.

Lizzo – ‘Water Me’

In the same reoccurring vein of Lizzo, she deserves another spot on a pres playlist for yet another song that deals with themes of self-worth and self-love, all the while being backed by an infatuating beat. You’ll find it too hard not to get up and start bellowing the lyrics. Even if you only know the words “I am free, yeah yeah, come water me, oh oh” and “Love you so, but if you don’t, I have to leave, oh oh”, it’s yet another perfect mood setter for a night out that will have you hitting the dance floor with unmistakable pizzaz and charm that’ll make it look like you were to born to dance. Start the night as you mean to go on, and no one is better than Lizzo for that.

Sam Pegg

‘Water Me’ is available to listen to now via WEA International Inc.

‘Last Nite’ – The Strokes

The Strokes will always remain one of those bands that just can’t go wrong. Everyone loves an upbeat bop and The Strokes never fail to produce a banger that satisfies the needs of everyone, especially at a house party when people need to feel energetic. ‘Last Nite’, from their debut album Is This It (2001), is the kind of song to get everyone up and dancing with its fast-paced guitar and simplistically catchy lyrics, with lead singer Julian Casablancas’s voice being one you instantly recognise. Having a throwback song that can be categorised as indie-rock/alternative is always a brilliant way to make sure everyone feels involved with the party as everyone (well almost everyone) will know it and be able to sing along and join in. ‘Last Nite’ is arguably The Strokes most notable and popular song which makes it the perfect track to add to your pres (or house party) playlist!

Katie Evans

‘Last Nite’ is available to listen to now via Rough Trade Records.

Whitney Houston – ‘I’m Every Woman’

This is definitely one for the girls. Whitney Houston’s version of Chaka Khan’s 70’s classic ‘I’m Every Woman’ undoubtedly belongs on a pre’s playlist. This song is a real anthem for female solidarity, something the world could really do with right now and can make you feel so empowered (regardless of whether you’re three quarters of the way through a bottle of Echo Falls or on your fourth jagerbomb!).

Whether you’re having a girls night or having a socially distanced party with half of Glen Eyre, the track’s upbeat rhythm and Houston’s powerhouse vocals are bound to get everyone dancing (even the boys) so it can be a great icebreaker at pre’s. The song is full of energy that it just keeps the party going.

If you love singing until your throat is sore, dancing on tables or simply channelling your inner diva then this iconic track definitely belongs on your pre’s playlist.

Sophie Young

‘I’m Every Woman’ is available to listen to now via Arista Records.

Deee-Lite – ‘Groove Is in the Heart’

Just TRY and not jump to your feet and immediately start boogying as soon as you hear the opening notes of Deee-Lite‘s iconic track, ‘Groove Is in the Heart’. The ultimate get-ruddy-hyped song in my mind, ‘Groove Is in the Heart’ is guaranteed to breathe a new life into your night out. From the first jazzy beat, the track is just a jumping good time, upbeat and foot-tappingly good with killer quick-fire lyrics. Even if you don’t know the lyrics too well, everyone can easily sing along in that signature high voice to Lady Miss Kier’s ”I couldn’t ask for another” and ”Groove is in the heEARRTTT”. And, of course, if you do happen to know the song like the legend that you are, feel your best self as you shout out the legendary line ”He’s not vicious or malicious/ Just de-lovely and delicious”, rocketing yourself into that dream 90s dance club queen fantasy. The opening lyrics literally tell you ”We’re going to dance/ And have some fun”, and, unsurprisingly, this a straight up stated fact.

Alice Fortt

‘Groove Is in the Heart’ is available to listen to now via Warner.

Dua Lipa – ‘Physical’

Future Nostalgia has undoubtedly been one of the best album releases of 2020, and “Physical”‘s upbeat and funktastic melody is catchy and great for the light but energetic feeling any fresher wants for pre drinks. Bringing back to mind Olivia Newton John’s track from the 80s, ‘Twist of Fate’ (another iconic banger), it’s far easier to get into the mood for partying when you chuck this on. And even if a night out means a game or hang out in the kitchen, then it’s a great fit for a karaoke track!

Louise Chase

‘Physical’ is available to listen to now via Warner Records.

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