Review: Sigrid – Don’t Kill My Vibe EP


This songstress is a popstar in the making.

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Sigrid‘s debut single ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’ surely had artists round the world green with envy. Seemingly, one particularly dull New Music Friday she snuck in the back door and hijacked Spotify to earn international recognition. In reality, it was probably a far less romantic tale of good PR and an ever-unquenchable desire for Scandinavian pop people, but nonetheless, Sigrid’s success has come from nowhere and taken the world by storm.

Unsurprisingly, her debut EP centres around its namesake, which is the opening track of this crucially short record. ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’ is an uplifting anthem that just keeps building, with Sigrid’s rasping yet perfectly-tuned vocals perfectly suiting both the slow and fast parts of the song. It’s one to revisit even if you’ve heard it a hundred times before: each listening experience has you tapping your foot faster than the last.

Fortunately, the EP doesn’t let up at that stage. ‘Plot Twist’ is a pop lover’s dream, with a fast moving beat complimenting Sigrid’s ever-rebellious aura and gleeful “Shots fired!” shouts, but it is track three where the magic happens: ‘Fake Friends’ is deliciously catchy, soaring from sweet harmony to explosive roar in just a few notes. The trio of pop bangers is complimented by a final acoustic rendition of ‘Dynamite,’ which is possibly best at showcasing Sigrid’s stunning vocal range. There’s little to criticise on Don’t Kill My Vibe other than its pitiful length, but hopefully the Norwegian star-in-the-making will be back very soon with more gifts for her big pop breakthrough.

Don’t Kill My Vibe is out now via Island


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