Review: YUNGBLUD – The Underrated Youth EP


Harrison encapsulates many of the issues facing young people in society today and brings them to life in an EP that is seemingly without genres - proving he is one of the biggest names to watch in the UK music scene

The boy is back. After revelling in the success of his debut album 21st Century Liability, multiple UK and US tours and writing his own graphic novel – The Twisted Tales of the Ritalin Club YUNGBLUD is releasing new tracks, in the form of the The Underrated Youth EP which features six brand new tracks to excite the inner post modern punk in all of us.

As with much of YUNGBLUD, AKA Dominic Harrison’s work, there is an ever present topical tone to the EP. Tackling serious issues facing the youth of today; from mental health and self love in ‘Original Me’ – an electro-rock track in collaboration with Imagine Dragons‘ frontman Dan Reynolds, to ‘Parents’; a riotous rappy pop bop that, even though it ventures further from the original rock genre that we recognise from Harrison’s discography, it is still undeniably YUNGBLUD – with ballsy (yet valid) statements about the older generation’s perceptions of young people. The beautiful irony is, those perceptions of Gen Zs being loud and opinionated are the things that make much of Harrisons’ music unique and refreshing – turning stereotypes on their head and being a voice for a generation that is often dismissed.

Opening the EP is the punky rocky loveliness  that is ‘Braindead’ – that rushes through the listeners mind and quite frankly, lures you in for an audio experience. The EP itself is a true rollercoaster. Take the loud and riotous title track ‘Hope For The Underated Youth’ – an anthem to dispel a distorted image of the naivety in young people, and show the strength of a common cause; making the world a better place. Then comparing this to more stripped ‘Waiting For The Weekend’ – which is a lot softer,  yet still powerful, but more akin to Harrison’s ‘Polygraph Eyes’ from his debut album than anything else off of the EP.

YUNGBLUD has beautifully blended genres in the EP, showing us that he isn’t just a one trick, one note shouty boy – instead proving there’s many musical talents there to create such a diverse set of tracks – and showing why he’s one to watch in 2020.

YUNGBLUD’s The Underated Youth EP will be released 18th October via Locomotion, Geffen.

Catch the video for ‘Original Me’ featuring Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons below:


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