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The new album from Twin Atlantic lives up to its name, mixing rock and electronic music to create something original.

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Scottish alt-rock band Twin Atlantic are releasing their fifth studio album POWER on the 24th January. They are launching this album live at Southampton’s The Loft on the 26th with an intimate gig. Created independently in their very own Glasgow studio, this record allowed the band to experiment in ways that has allowed them to create something unique and commanding, without abandoning their signature sound that fans have always loved. POWER mixes authentic guitar rock with electronics and an almost tribal rhythm that comes together to create a fantastic new album from Twin Atlantic.

Opening on ‘Oh Euphoria!’ the first thing that hits you are the drums, which represent the tribal beat that they’ve cited as a big part of their new sound. This opening track sets up the album with it’s effortless blend of electronics and alternative rock. This is definitely a track for any empowering playlist. Then we move on to some of the singles that we’ve already heard, ‘Barcelona’ and ‘Novocaine’. Like many of the songs on POWER, they stand out for their soaring choruses and general sense of empowerment. I think there are a lot of great songs that will perform really well in their upcoming live shows and that will really amp up the energy of the crowds.

The blend of electronic music and the bands signature sound is incredibly well done on POWER, creating a form of dance-rock that isn’t overpowered by this new style but instead uses it to enhance the high-energy nature of the record. You can feel the presence of cited influences like Depeche Mode’s synth-powered stadium rock, but so much of the sound is distinctly unique to Twin Atlantic.

Every track on POWER has the ability to get you moving, with its commanding drum beat and lyrics that you want to scream out. This energy transforms itself somewhat at the start of ‘Ultraviolet Truth’, which has less of that pounding rhythm and sounds more ominous as it builds up to its chorus. This song doesn’t have the same style of rock chaos, but it’s definitely an intriguing one.

It’s also worth mentioning the interludes on POWER, which represent two very different musical styles. While ‘Mount Bungo’ is rough and electronic, matching the sound of the albums more energetic tracks, ‘Asynchronous’ revolves around soft piano and gentle synth that builds up gradually. These musical interludes fit in really will as a part of the album as a whole. The final tracks on the album keep up the same empowering energy that can be felt all the way through the album, bringing the whole thing to a triumphant conclusion with the majestic ‘Praise Me’. POWER is nothing short of electric, and perhaps the perfect rock album to listen to when you need to feel hyped.

Twin Atlantic’s POWER is out January 24th via Universal Music Operations Ltd.


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