Muse – ‘Madness’


My first thought upon hearing ‘Madness’ was “this has to be a joke”. But perhaps this is a bit too obvious of a reaction. If you put this camp, pure-pop number next to any of the Muse’s Origin of Symmetry-era work then, objectively, it pales in comparison. The band have taken a new direction, unique-apocolyptic-Muse are dead, viva pop-Muse!

So if you think about this song as coming from a different band, it is a catchy pop-number that sticks in the mind, complete with a Brian-May-esque solo and ‘I Want to Break Free’ style lyr… Who am I  kidding? It’s rubbish. I’d rather hear Madness write a song called ‘Muse’.



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  1. Thank God… I thought you were actually going to start praising it then! Absolutely awful, boring, pretentious, lazily-written track from what was one of the country’s best and most exciting bands. ‘Survival’ and ‘Unsustainable’ suck too.

  2. Poor old Muse. People need to chill out – they’re allowed their experimentation, and perhaps it didn’t pay off this time. I think it would be worse if they just released a carbon copy of one of their previous albums, at least this shows they are willing to try things out.

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