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Powerful. The track would have suited Adele but Sia's rasp adds a level of unmatchable cool.

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Sia’s new album, which is yet to receive a release date, will be entitled This Is Acting. The singer explained the title in an interview: the album is composed entirely of songs intended for other artists. “It’s more like play-acting,” she said. “It’s fun.

One of those songs is the lead single ‘Alive,’ which was co-written with Adele and Tobias Jesso Jr. and was intended for Adele’s next album.

‘Alive’ contains Sia’s massive voice but lacks the heavier beat that is often synonymous with a Sia track. Instead this single feels like a stripped back version, as if all the surrounding accompaniment is muted slightly to allow for Sia’s voice to shine. It’s easy to imagine Adele singing this track but Sia’s deeper, slightly raspier tone adds something to this track that simply wouldn’t be achieved otherwise. What that is would be hard to define but it makes the track cooler, less of a power ballad and more accessible.

Not quite as ground breaking as some of Sia’s earlier releases such as ‘Big Girls Cry,’ ‘Chandelier’ or ‘Elastic Heart’ but ‘Alive’ is still a strong track that will draw attention. With any music career consistency is key and Sia as always remains a powerful presence within the industry. ‘Alive’ will add itself to the long list of her hits but probably won’t have the longevity of some of the other tracks.

‘Alive’ is out now via RCA.


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