Review: The 1975 – ‘The Sound’


A flashy, catchy and confident pop song that despite its repetitiveness.

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Thursday 14th of January brought us the latest single by The 1975 from their upcoming second album.

‘The Sound’ opens with a hook that despite its somewhat distracting repetitiveness, the listener will be singing along to by the end. It is instantly clear that the feeling of flamboyance and confidence that has been given from the previous two singles, ‘Love Me’ and ‘UGH!’, will certainly be present in this song, however there is less of a progression in this song in that it sounds the same at the end as it did at the start. Whilst there are similarities with the music of their first album, it is clear in this song that they are a lot more confident in their sound as they are pushing themselves in new directions with the powerful piano work, guitar solo and cheerful harmonies. This is a track that will satisfy both long-time and new listeners of The 1975 as they are swept along with the story of a lovesick and frustrated Matt Healy that we hear in the verses, the catchy pre-chorus and the hook reminiscent of classic pop. It is a get-up-and-dance song that despite its minor drawbacks is fun to listen to and will only increase anticipation for their second venture, i like it when you sleep for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it, set for release in February.

‘The Sound’ is available to stream now via Spotify.


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