Review: Bruno Mars – ’24K Magic’

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What are you doing, Bruno?

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Upon hearing that Bruno Mars was releasing new music, I jumped to review it before even listening. Imagine my disappointment, then, when this single, although groovy, is thoroughly average at best, certainly not golden and lacking all the usual magic that his music usually possesses. Whether through trying to do something original or just stir the fanbase a bit, ’24K Magic’ is one to avoid as much as possible.

I’ll get to the few good elements first. Flawlessly produced, the use of technology is apparent but not unwelcome, and the beat laid down for Mars is a dirty one that could easily be played in a club and be a great one to dance along to.

And that’s the good stuff done.

Whatever Mars was trying to achieve, ’24K Magic’ feels like a lacklustre attempt at recreating ‘Uptown Funk’ without any of the brilliance and pizzazz that Mark Ronson clearly brought to the table. Given Mars’ insane vocal range, it’s such a waste of talent that this song is less singing and more of a half-hearted attempt at rapping that ends up being, for the most part, merely randomly-picked words shouted amidst the music. Its lyrics are unimaginative and dull, reeking of gross entitled rich man vibes (“Spend your money like it ain’t shit / Woop woop / We too fresh / Got to blame it on Jesus / Hashtag blessed / They ain’t ready for me”), and truthfully I have only managed to get through the entire mess twice because I get so bored and also just so underwhelmed every time I try.

’24K Magic’ is out now via Atlantic Records


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