Review: Maggie Rogers – ‘On + Off’


So excited to hear more releases from Maggie Rogers in 2017!

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To follow the viral success of ‘Alaska’ fuelled by that video with Pharrell Williams, Maggie Rogers continues to release emotional electronic tracks doused in soothing vocals which call out to ears. ‘On + Off,’ released to coincide with her touring debut, offers a new dimension to the singer-songwriter whilst still maintaining the mixture of folk and dance synonymous to her as an artist. Different to ‘Alaska’ and ‘Dog Years’ yet still encompassing her distinctive sound, ‘On + Off’ needs to be listened to.

Punchy and passionate, ‘On + Off’ feels perfect for the late Friday nights when everyone is out partying and it feels like you’re the only person who’s decided to stay home. It’s built for walking and thinking, inducing goosebumps with lyrics that really make you feel something (e.g. “Take me to that space where I need someone / When I’m shaking or my mind starts coming undone / When I’m on and off again”). Its video is also a must-watch, not only for the fact that it’s shot entirely in one take like that of ‘Alaska,’ but also for how it’s so characteristic of Rogers as an artist. I highly recommend giving ‘On + Off’ a listen as, like everything Rogers turns her folktronic hand to, it brings a completely new and unique approach to two genres that needs to be heard.

‘On + Off’ is out now via Capitol Records


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