Review: Wolf Alice – ‘Yuk Foo’

Yuking Fes

Fuck yeah, Wolf Alice is back.

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Wolf Alice came roaring back this week with their first new music since 2015’s hit album My Love Is Cool. Thankfully, ‘Yuk Foo’ is so fiercely direct, it’s like the band never even left.

Behind a screen of overdriven fuzz, Ellie Rowsell’s superior, rather sarcastic vocals deliver straightforward, no bullshit lines from the very first verse: “Am I a bitch to not like you anymore? / Punch me in my face, I wouldn’t even fight you no more / ’cause you bore me, you bore me to death / Well deplore me, and I don’t give a shit” – a huge turn from the ethereal-sounding vocals exhibited in previous tracks like ‘Bros.’

At just 2:12, ‘Yuk Foo’ is the band’s shortest single yet, however it’s not lacking in any other department. That screen of fuzz is layered with tingling arpeggiated power chords, and a punchy bassline – only the drums seem average, though they’re exactly as intense and non-distracting as you could hope for. All tied together, it’s as ready made for mosh pits or rage-fest-sing-alongs as rock songs get these days.

‘Yuk Foo’ is out now via Dirty Hit


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