Review: Muse – ‘Dig Down’


Muse have a knack for the experimenting in their music, but 'Dig Down' has only that going for it. This relatively uneventful song doesn't stand up to their past anthems.

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‘Dig Down’, the new single released by the British prog rock band Muse, has not only demonstrated a new and experimental sound for the three piece (consisting of Matt Bellamy, Chris Wolstenholme and Dominic Howard), but also left a somewhat bitter taste in the mouth with its very distanced tone and lack of impact. It differs hugely from the sheer tenacity and hard rock which fans experienced and reacted emphatically to in 2015’s Drones.

Though ‘Dig Down’ isn’t at all a “bad” song – it is terribly catchy, has an interesting choice of sounds and instrumentation, certainly showing some ingenuity from the three piece and well, good luck getting all 14 repetitions of the words “dig down” out of your head after listening – it is nothing in terms of what people have come to expect from the uncompromising band’s previous use of complex rhythms and lyricism.

Of course, Muse is very keen on changing their sound – Bellamy has stated his infatuation with experimentation on numerous occasions – and that is by no means a problem, but to have such a simple song released from the band who produced a song as upward soaring as ‘Madness’ and ramifying as ‘Psycho’ can only leave the listener just a little… disappointed.

‘Dig Down’ is out now via Warner Music 



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