Review: Post Malone (feat. 21 Savage) – ‘rockstar’

Totally unique

The catchy hook, memorable dark beat and historically accurate lyrics make this a great track, which captures the essence of what it is to be a rockstar.

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Post Malone’s single ‘rockstar’ is far from conventional. Produced by a biology student who needed to relieve stress during finals week, it’s humble beginnings makes the fact that it’s trumped the likes of DJ Khaled and Justin Bieber to secure the record for most streams in a single week (on Apple Music), with over 25 million, all the sweeter.

The track itself has a slow, dark vibe to it, separating it from some of Post’s more upbeat songs like ‘Congratulations’. It’s also littered with Acappella – the beat cuts out frequently, emphasising poignant lines which stick in your head, no matter how hard you try to get rid of them. If you’re anything like me, your flatmates will start to hate you for singing the same lines over and over again.

I find the magic of this song really comes in the lyrics – they capture the unapologetic recklessness of rockstars such as Bon Scott – first lead singer of AC/DC – mentioned in the first verse and the lavish lifestyles that they were famous for living. From drug-fuelled parties to throwing TVs over the balconies of hotels, Post perfectly recreates their disregard and total lack of responsibility (“Threw a TV out the window of the Montage/cocaine on the table, liquor pourin’, don’t give a damn”).

In 21 Savage‘s verse, the idea that rappers are the modern-day rockstars is also eluded to – he talks about unnecessary spending, drugs and sexual encounters – the true essence of a rockstar (“L.A. bitches always askin’, “Where the coke at?”/livin’ like a rockstar, smash out a cop car”).

All in all, this track is masterfully produced, with complex and surprising historically accurate lyrics. I’m glad to see that it’s getting the recognition it deserves and breaking records, despite its unorthodox origins and less than PG lyrics.

‘rockstar’ is out now via Republic Records


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