Review: CHVRCHES – ‘Miracle’


CHVRCHES' shift into pop has yielded their catchiest, and possibly best song to date.

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Glaswegian trio CHVRCHES have released new song ‘Miracle’, a pop fuelled feel good anthem that completes the four preview singles for their upcoming album Love is Dead.

After the releases of ‘Get Out’, ‘My Enemy’, and ‘Never Say Die’ earlier this year, fans were already drooling over the impending new album, and rightly so. However, with the introduction of ‘Miracle’ it would seem we have now witnessed the climax of not only the forthcoming Love is Dead, but also arguably of CHVRCHES’ career so far. As shown on the previous releases supporting the album, we’re already aware that the band are straying from their typical synth-ridden sound into a more pop-like realm, and ‘Miracle’ shows that this is not some throwaway experiment, but a sure-fire successful artistic shift that puts lead singer Lauren Mayberry’s soothing tones at the forefront, maintaining their distinctive identity despite their shifting musicality.

Whilst the song is undoubtedly their most commercially targeted so far, the mainstream qualities of ‘Miracle’ elevate the band’s sound to a level of refinement and maturity that has eluded them up to now, even if it goes against the wishes of the indie purists. A tranquil start is hauntingly effective before booming into one of the catchiest choruses of the year, with Mayberry belting out “And I need you to know I’m not asking for a miracle /But if love is enough, could you let it show?” The electronic furnishings, partnered by a restricted use of their traditional synth, results in a song born to be blasted out of a car window on a summer night. Any concern I’ve had with CHVRCHES up to now has been concerning the power and reliability of Mayberry’s voice, but in ‘Miracle’ she puts all my qualms to rest with an outstanding vocal performance, commanding and sophisticated throughout.

‘Miracle’ is out now via Virgin EMI records


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