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Another epic song - but is it entirely authentic?

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“I want it, I got it” is said many times in this song, and it is most certainly true in Ariana Grande’s case. This last year, Grande has successfully delivered four iconic, chart topping singles, all of which are certified platinum. With the global success of ‘thank u, next’ under her belt, fans were keen to hear the second single from the album of the same name. ‘7 Rings’, released on Friday, may be catchy and bop-able, but for some, it fell slightly flat.

‘7 Rings’ was teased in the music video for ‘thank u, next’ with Grande confirming its existence the day after the video release. Describing it as a “friendship anthem” Grande discussed how a trip to Tiffany’s with her friends, and her recent break up from Pete Davidson, inspired the creation of the song.

Based on The Sound of Music’s iconic tune ‘My Favourite Things’, this trap song details some of Grande’s most loved things – including champagne, of course. The song is an ode to her journey as she focuses on her friendships after her break up from Davidson. With lyrics like “I know you’ve seen it,” Grande seems to be referencing how Davidson should recognise how happy she is now, because whilst she was once happy with him, now her friends fill that void. On a more materialistic note, Grande repeats the phrase “I want it, I got it” continually throughout the song, alluding to the money she has earned, and her ability to achieve what she wants, and get what she wants, due to her global success.

The song is certainly catchy and is likely to be a hit in clubs and bars, but also our living rooms. With relatable lyrics, this song was a hit with fans, allegedly claiming a record on Spotify for most downloads in 24 hours according to Grande’s manager, Scooter Braun.

Despite the success amongst faqns, Grande has been accused of plagiarism by several rappers, including Soulja Boy and Princess Nokia. Grande has responded to the media storm created by her alleged plagiarism by saying that she never meant to “offend anybody”. Nevertheless, her vocals have been praised for their smoothness, and her vibe recognised as fresh for its’ retro undertones in the R&B genre.

No success of Grande’s would be complete without an equally iconic music video. The ‘7 Rings’ video is arguably a tsunami of pink and seems to follow suit from the vibe of the ‘thank u, next’ video. With the number 7 appearing left, right and centre in the video, Grande really made sure viewer’s got the point: her squad is made of 7 powerful girls, and they will always come first. As well as this, the video also seems to be a nod to Dangerous Woman and its success. Arguably, this was the album that propelled Grande not only to global fame, but also to her image as a female pop icon, and inspiration.

So the verdict is in. This song is definitely Grande through and through. With beautiful vocals, sassy lyrics, and of course a bold music video, Grande continues to make her mark on the modern music industry. Whilst ‘7 Rings’ may have ignited a fire amongst other artists and fans, and whilst it may not be quite on the level of her most recent successes, this latest release is definitely worth the listen, and I guarantee you’ll be singing it all day long not long after.

‘7 Rings’ is available now via Republic Records.


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