Review: Stupid Love – Lady Gaga


This song is Gaga's comeback to fun pop. We all could use some distraction right now.

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The rah-rah b*tch is back!

Stefani Germanotta, the Lady we all know and love is back to her pop roots after almost 7 years of doing everything else but pop music.

She has shown us that she can do it all; Jazz with her joint album with Tony Bennett Cheek To Cheek, Country in her previous album Joanne, and even some acting, with her Oscar Winning movie A Star Is Born, but what this star was really born to do was being a Pop Star.

In the music video, Gaga transport us to a new planet, full of dancing, acceptance and (stupid) love. And maybe that’s what we need right now, evidently Planet Earth is full of chaos (and sickness), so why not go with her for 3 minutes to a place where we just all just have some fun?

The song is simple but effective, a dance track that invites you to dance and move. If you are one of those people that likes the gym, this should be at the top of your playlist.

You may think a pop song is never going to change the world… but think again. Maybe a little distraction is what we all need right now.

Stupid Love is available now via Interscope Records


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