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A true artisrt by every sense of the word.

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After One Direction went their separate ways, many were left questioning who the boys would become as solo artists, making constant comparison and considerations over their futures. Six years later, and it is clear to see that each former member embraces their solo status, increasingly highlighting their unique difference in talent and ability, and enabling them to shine for who they are, truthfully.

Harry Styles has transformed the music industry, with a flamboyant take on masculinity and soft rock sound, making him stand out entirely from the crowd. His latest single ‘As It Was’ – the prelude to a new album from Styles – is no different. With a calming sense of change, the Northern singer presents a sound that makes you feel as if you are under water, entranced and intertwined in the world in which you find yourself within.

Lyrically, much is left to the listener’s interpretation, with what I interpret as a carefully curated narrative that provides a curious insight into his restrictive world, with regard to how fame has left an imprint on his relationships and personal life. When consumed at an individual level, however, the lyrics could dually be translated as a criticism of society, a calling for the current generation, regarding how the world has transformed over the past few years.

High-tempo, the song embodies the symbolic beginnings of a new dawn, and brings you on a freeing journey towards entering a position of summery solitude. Styles seems to illicit his own genre with the creation of his works of arts, which simply cannot be compared or contrasted to any other artist. The music video translates these sentiments further, offering a multitude of symbolisms, defining Harry Styles as a true artist by every sense of the word.

There seems to be a shift away from the more pop-related releases of late, but with just one track from the new album to tantalise our taste buds, we may have to wait a while longer to confirm or deny this sensation.

‘As It Was’ is out now via Erskine Records / Columbia. Watch the video here:


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