Jonas Brothers – ‘Waffle House’ single review: musically making the world a much happier place

Fun and catchy!

'Waffle House' is the Jonas Brothers at their best: fun, catchy, and perfect for the Summer.

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Boy (three dashing men to be exact) am I ready for the Jonas Brothers’ new album to come out. It’s been four years since their last album. Happiness Begins. released and three since their last UK tour. Now I’m no music expert but surely that’s enough time to write a banging album,

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sing said banging album in the studio, get it recorded and then prepare an epic show for the UK tour, no? Well, the time to wait is no more (for the album at least) as the new studio album, fetchingly named THE ALBUM will be released in May this year. That’s next month people! And in the meantime, the boys have done us the pleasure of releasing two singles to get us excited.

Wings and a music video featuring super-fan and actress Haley Lu Richardson were released last month. There’s a sweet clip of Haley on The Late Late Show with James Corden where she meets Nick Jonas over Facetime. She mentions how when she met the boys years before she had made and given Nick a tie she’d embellished herself. Asking if he still had it, Nick politely nodded with a knowing glint in his eyes. In the Wings video, Haley wears her replica tie in one scene. It’s Easter eggs like this that I love so much! Plus, something incredible like this has happened to a big fan such as Haley. Here’s me manifesting a Jonas Brothers experience for myself. The word intimate was nearly in that sentence but it could’ve/ would’ve been taken in the wrong way and this is a professional article *lols*.

Waffle House is the second single released and centres around Nick, Joe and Kevin’s trips to the sweet-central restaurant where they’d re-group and come together as a band to find inspiration, or equally prevent a second breakup. It’s a fun and catchy tune with a punchy chorus, making for a great TikTok dance opportunity. It’s the new Remember by Becky Hill and David Guetta. As it stands, there’s not yet a music video but there is a rather attractive lyric video which will help us analyse the lyrics as if we were back in GCSE English lessons.

No, don’t get stressed, it’s gon’ get figured out

Oh, deep conversation at the Wafflе House

Headstrong father and a dеtermined mother

Oh, that’s why some nights we tried to kill each other

But you know it’s always love

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Back in the early days of the Burning Up era the boys would visit the Waffle House after their shows, being too young to go to a bar but needing somewhere to release their energy. Here they would make big decisions such as the band’s name and quash any annoyances they had with one another. The lyrics ‘headstrong father and a determined mother’ refer to their parents who worked hard to make sure the boy’s dreams came true. Even as far as re-mortgaging their house and stepping down from their religious roles in the community. 

(Hey now) We never knew how to fake it

(Hey now) But we always knew how to break sh—

(Hey now) Couple nights, threw gasoline on the fire

As siblings do, they’d fight and pour every grievance out on the table. There’s no sugar coating feelings or holding back on what you think when you’re family. But they’d leave having resolved their issues knowing that there’s always love there. Thus the Waffle House became a sanctuary for brotherly disputes and resolutions. If only there was a Waffle House in every town, the world would be a much happier and sweeter place!

Waffle House is out now via Republic Records, check out the lyric video here:


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